Frequently Asked Questions

How many MSB students are accepted to ARCOM?

The average percentage of MSB graduates who matriculate into ARCOM is approximately 75%. This will vary each year based on multiple factors.

Is there anyone to help me with my medical school/dental school/etc. application?

MSB students have access to assistance for professional school preparation through ACHE faculty and staff. We can help with personal statement review, interview practice, and personalized logistical advice.

Can I work at a job while I am in the MSB program?

While it is not prohibited by policy, MSB students do not typically have enough time to manage a job and keep up with the academic rigor of this program.  

I’m still waiting on my MCAT scores. Should I go ahead and submit my application now?

Applications are not reviewed until all materials are received. However, the PostbacCAS verification process may take up to 2 weeks. An application must be verified before it is reviewed. If you are only waiting on MCAT scores or a letter of recommendation, we recommend submitting your application.  

I’ve been out of school for a few years and I am having trouble reaching my professors. What should I do?

Please email admissions.msb@achehealth.edu. We may be able to work together to identify another source of recommendation.

My undergraduate GPA does not reflect my academic ability. Will you still review my application?

We review every application submitted with a holistic approach. If you feel you need to provide additional explanation beyond what the personal statement allows, please email admissions.msb@achehealth.edu